Shiva Farrokhi

Shiva Farrokhi runs a video campaign about the Muslim Ban called She started the video campaign to bring more attention to those that are impacted by the ban. At the time she started the video campaign, she was also directly affected by the ban because she was not yet a permanent resident and was not able to see her family given the risks. Her family missed many milestones in her life, such as her graduation and her wedding. Shiva was also unable to attend her sister's wedding or be by her father's side when he had a brain stroke. 

Through all of this, she has collected over 100 videos from individuals impacted by the ban through a campaign called #StopTheBan on an issue-based video sharing platform that she founded- A few examples of the stories she has collected include, a Yemeni doctor separated from his wife and children who are American citizens living in the United States, a newly-wed couple separated, a political refugee whose husband can't join her in the United States, a mother separated from her child who is suffering from depression, and there are many more heartbreaking stories she has been able to shed light on as a result of her project.

Shiva has now received her green card, but she still feels like she can't call the United States her home. She does not have the ability to have her family visit and shecannot imagine having children if her family is not able come to help and support her.